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Cell Phone Repair

Accidents happen. Especially to cell phones. We know this better than anybody; We repair cracked screens and LCD’s, damaged headphone and charging jacks, keypads, blackberry trackballs, and much more. We also change blackberry housing,

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Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone accessories can enhance the functionality of the equipment and also protect the phone. Here are five must have accessories which are geared for easier mobility.

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Cell Phone Unlocking

Unlocking your cell phone allows you to use it anywhere in the world and with any service provider. Simply insert the desired SIM card. Service providers sell phones that are tied to them, to prevent you from finding a better plan with a different company or buying a local SIM card while traveling.

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We Want to Rise Your Cell Phone's Life

Nowadays, cell phones seem to be an indispensable part of our daily lives. Nevertheless, it can be difficult and expensive to keep your phones in good condition, if your phone is damaged… it’s truly a hassle to find an honest, capable and reliable repair center. Luckily, Wireless Accessories is here to take care of all your cell phone needs. Our experienced and dedicated management and staff have your pocket and your phone’s best interest at heart. We offer services for three main areas ;

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